Recognised as an influential woman leading in STEMM, Kalai is part of Homeward-bound Cohort-7 and is set to sail for an Antarctic expedition in 2025. The mission of her homeward journey is to raise awareness around the urgent capacity building that involves the transformation of the personal dimension in individuals. Addressing the inner dimension is critical for cultivating a new generation of STEMM leaders who prioritise responsible, sustainable, and compassionate solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

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She was a former Bioinformatician and Trusted Advisor at the International Organisation, EMBL-EBI, for 9+ years. After working at EMBL, Kalai followed her passion for providing Transformational Employee Training solutions to worldwide organisations.

Kalai is passionate about human flourishing. With the incoming disruption due to the Artificial Intelligence revolution, Kalai deeply believes that tapping the inner dimension and Self-actualising is critical to finding meaning and joy and flourishing as fully Human in this new age!

Having done over a decade-long of inner work herself, she delivers direct teachings through modern & secular frameworks rooted in science and highly impactful to our everyday leadership challenges. She is on a mission to make complex wisdom accessible and practical for individuals and teams and to create a snowball effect towards personal, institutional, societal & global flourishing.

Kalai is an internationally certified "Search Inside Yourself" teacher - a popular immersive leadership programme born in Google and based on Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Mindfulness. She also holds certification in Theory-U principles from MIT.

She is also a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Restorative yoga instructor and a trained dancer. Kalai has initiation into the advanced Vaasi Yoga tradition from Southern India and has deepened her practice in intense Vipassana Meditation retreats.

Kalai's embodied presence, authenticity, vulnerability and strong empathy create a powerful holding space leading to profound transformations in participants.